The Limner Society’s Vision: a visual arts renaissance.

Dinner Party by Jason Diller

Our Mission is to serve artists of Christian faith so they may steward their gifts, embrace their role in the redemption story,
and pursue a renaissance in the visual arts.

What does, “serving artists” mean?

We would like to encourage, equip, and edify artists in their faith and   in their art making. Our SEED Initiatives are programs and initiatives   that give tangible support to artists of Christian faith

What does, “Christian faith” mean?

The Limner Society approaches creativity in the arts from a Christian worldview.

Statement of Faith

Core Values

What does, “steward their gifts” mean?

The Limner Society is amazed at the nature of an artist’s imagination   and the creative process and believe that the creative impulse and artistic skills are valued gifts that need to be stewarded in a responsible manner. We encourage artists toward excellence in their skill as art makers through our Gathering program, where we have opportunity to demonstrate techniques and give criticism as we work alongside one another in the studio. We also use the Limner Society Website as a place that can foster similar discussions.

What does, “embrace their role in the redemption story” mean?

The Christian perspective of humanity is that it is capable of creating   the most wonderful cultural advances and instigating the most heinous   human atrocities. Christianity acknowledges this grand disparity in all   of humanity. To be an artist of the Christian faith is to be one who   lives to create redemption and restoration in the broken areas of life.   We produce a devotional entitled Illumine, which examines visual art in   the context of our faith. We also use FILL, an in depth study of the   logistics of living out being a Limner.

What does, “pursue a renaissance in the visual arts” mean?

The Limner Society aims to assist artist, patrons, and creative communities move toward vibrant relationships within the Christian faith. These relationships and communities may be local or a far-reaching network of like-minded people who desire to be on mission in their life and work. Through the use of SOTA, a study for Christian leaders on the State of the Arts, and by other means, we hope to edify the church, reintegrate inspired art into the local church, and spiritually powerful art into the larger cultural dialogue. A movement that will invigorate the Body of Christ and convey God’s love to the world in authentic, relevant, and creative ways.

Heart by daniel Baltzer

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