Buy them online...

I have just uploaded the images of the available artwork from the recent "Action Heroes" exhibition. Get great work at great prices. Check it out...

Coverage of the Limner Gathering

Here are some links to the coverage we received during the week of the Gathering. Great article in the Joplin Globe. »

Thanks Everyone!

It was a great show and a fun week in Joplin. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in the event and to all who came to support it. I am traveling back to NYC and will post the final pics soon. Stay tuned.

Another day...

This day was spent readying the gallery, gathering statements, and curating the show. [gallery]

Day 7, Joplin

The last full studio day... [gallery columns="2"]

Day 6, Joplin

Getting it done and going strong. [gallery columns="2"]

Day 5, Joplin

Another day and we still need a dollar... [gallery columns="2"]

Day 4, Joplin

More photos... [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Day 3, Joplin

It was a long and busy day.  Starting with a morning radio spot @ 7AM.  We made the front page of the Joplin Globe.  Check out the link. [gallery columns="2"]

Day 2 Joplin

It was a great day in the studio. [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]