Have we forgotten how to look, listen and feel?

This experiment done by the Washington Post is an interesting one on many fronts. It begs us to consider the fate of culture in its current state and how, if possible, we might invite more into a better understanding of beauty and its beholding... Read the article here.

What does an artist do?

This feels so true sometimes...

Message sent to tLS.

Hello! I work with Ruminate, a nonprofit quarterly print magazine of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art that engages the Christian faith, ministering to artists, writers, and readers across the nation. My editor came across Rock and Slings feature piece on daniel Baltzer and saw that he had founded the Limner Society - what a great idea! We thought your readers might be interested our inaugural Visual Arts Prize -  Visit website for complete guidelines Questions?

Nothing kills creativity like compulsive consumption.

How's that for a claim?  There's the topic, but now I'm a little verklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves and read more here: http://indigenousworship.com/?s=creating

nice quote...

“Creation as applied to human authorship seems to me to be an entirely misleading term. We rearrange elements He has provided. There is not a vestige of real creativity de novo in us. Try to imagine a new primary color, a third sex, a fourth dimension, or even a monster that does not consist of existing animals stuck together. Nothing happens. And that is surely why our works never mean what we intended: because we are recombining elements made by Him and already contain His meanings.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Art & Identity

As I was preparing for the 2012 Gathering, I ran across this article.  It is a good read and I encourage you to read it... http://www.ojccc.org/home/2011/05/art-identity/