This is not a pipe.

This is not a pipe—Rene Magritte Often times the Church subculture can make visual art or image an adversary. I spend loads of time thinking on this and contemplating the theological history on the matter.

A good listen

This sermon is so important to anyone who thinks they have been given gifts from God in the arts. We should not only recognize the gift as being owned by God, but the interest or the product of the gift in its use in our lives as being owned by him. To this we will have to give account. Check out JR Vassar's sermon

Have we forgotten how to look, listen and feel?

This experiment done by the Washington Post is an interesting one on many fronts. It begs us to consider the fate of culture in its current state and how, if possible, we might invite more into a better understanding of beauty and its beholding... Read the article here.
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