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“Creation as applied to human authorship seems to me to be an entirely misleading term. We rearrange elements He has provided. There is not a vestige of real creativity de novo in us. Try to imagine a new primary color, a third sex, a fourth dimension, or even a monster that does not consist of existing animals stuck together. Nothing happens. And that is surely why our works never mean what we intended: because we are recombining elements made by Him and already contain His meanings.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Art & Identity

As I was preparing for the 2012 Gathering, I ran across this article.  It is a good read and I encourage you to read it...

Show and tell

[caption id="attachment_303" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Travis and 'Dinner Party'"][/caption] What a blessing to receive this photo from Travis last week.  Praying for you Travis!

It's been a while...

There hasn't been a post here for a while.  I often wonder if anyone really reads this blog, but despite this, i wanted to share something I read recently that I think gives good perspectives on what we are about... Faith Imitates Art by Enuma Okoro It seems that I've always experienced the arts as a medium for encountering God. I remember when I was just a girl, for example, flipping through the extra large illustrated children's Bible.

Two Limners exhibit work in a group show in Brooklyn

daniel Baltzer and Bennett Vadnais will show work together in a group show in Brooklyn's Gowanus Ballroom entitled, "Paint Works." Click Here for more information.

Mark Neuenschwander

Visited with 2010 Limner visiting artist, Mark Neuenschwander and his family this past Sunday. The Limner Society was able to help him with the recovery of his equipment in a small way. We would like to continue to encourage Joplin artists to make art that comforts, heals, and brings refreshing to the community.

As I leave...

I am sitting in the KC airport reflecting on the trip and I thought this picture was an appropriate sentiment.

Last full day in Joplin

Well, we didn't break our back today. We had great fellowship with Christ's Church of Joplin, then spent some time with Mark Neuenschwander and his family before heading back to the host home to chill. Tomorrow morning we drive to KC then fly home. What a great trip.

Joplin day 4/5

Sorry I couldn't post last night. I spent the night with a good friend, Shaun Conroy, on Indiana Street near 20th, about a block away from the destruction path. He didn't have internet access back yet, for obvious reasons. It was a half day of work with twice the load. I carried lots of wet carpet and padding out of a basement.

Joplin day 3

We spent the day at one house today with about 15 other volunteers from everywhere. Gutted the house down to sticks so that they could rebuild. I got sun burnt thinking that i would be inside most of the day.
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