tLS welcomes In-Kind donations


In-Kind donations are those donations of service, services, equipment and/or goods for the purposes of accomplishing our mission. tLS is a 501(c) 3 public charity and is able to offer a tax-deductible receipt for fair market value of any and all in-kind donations. We also offer the opportunity to publicly acknowledge yourself or your company and promote your goods and/or services for your generosity.

Listed below are the proposed needs for our organization in the coming year. If you identify a need that you are able to provide, please contact us at so that we may work out the logistics of fulfilling that need.



There are a number of volunteer service opportunities that we hope you will consider.
We welcome the generosity of experienced and capable persons able to fulfill the following tasks:

Development Coordinator—tLS would like to establish a sustainable funding structure that includes fundraising campaigns and building a system of finding public and private grants and donations. If you have experience in the non-profit sector, establishing or maintaining funding systems, or would like to use tLS to further your development capabilities, please contact us.

Grants Writer—tLS is in the process of seeking grants and building a sustainable funding structure. If you have experience in grant research, fundraising campaigns, and/or grant writing and would like to help us achieve our goals of sustainability, please contact us.

Graphic Designer—Each year tLS sets goals to publish a number of materials to support our mission. They include: Illumine, SOTA, press packets, brochures, a Limner catalog and more. We have already established working relationships with other professionals who volunteer their time to produce professionally executed materials. If you have graphic design experience in the publishing sector, desire to increase your experience, and would like to contribute to any of our publications, please contact us.


We are always amazed at how God provides for the Limner Society. We have a great history of blessings in donations of in-kind services and would love to continue that trend. We welcome the generosity of your company to supply services to accomplish any of the following needs:

Printing—tLS is publishing materials every year to accomplish our mission. If you would like to provide printing services to one or more of our projects, please contact us.


We are always looking to improve our services and effectiveness, and the proper tools help accomplish our goals with better precision and effectiveness. We welcome donations of new or used equipment as long as they are in good working order. Please contact us if you can provide any of the following equipment needs of our organization:

Laptop Computer
External Hard Drive
Digital Projector
Xerox Machine
Digital Camera
Digital Video Camera
Photography Lighting Equipment


In the course of pursuing our mission, tLS uses a number of goods. Please contact us if you have the ability to support us with a donation of any of the following goods:

Printer Paper
Printer Ink
Art Supplies
General Office Supplies