Historical Narrative

Limners in a barn.

Early in 2002, four Taylor University art grads, daniel Baltzer, Jason Diller, Stefan Eicher, and Derek Powell, were discussing ideas of using their connection of faith, art, and friendship as the basis for making art.  It was obvious that God had stirred the conversation and given each of us a vision.  As we set out making our plans for the first “Gathering,” we knew this had potential for being more than a one-time event or a “weekend painters club,” so we gave the group an official title: the Limner Society.

We came together with a mission in mind—to facilitate the church’s relationship and responsibility to visual art by encouraging visual artists of Christian faith to glorify God and impact society with their work before an audience of all people. The mission was wordy and seemed to be reactionary to the needs of artists to be valued by their church community and to be given the opportunity to develop their gift.

Over the coming years, we would refine our focus and develop our reach. Each time we gathered we learned more about what God wanted from the Limner Society.  These “formative years” (2002-2008) were marked by many successful Gatherings in many different locations, including: Indianapolis, IN, New York, NY, Phoenix, AZ, and Chiang Mai, Thailand.  The Gathering became a program that is now a distinctive and defining part of the Limner Society. 

We entered 2009 with a new vision, a visual arts renaissance in church and society, and a new status as an official non-profit organization.  That same year we launched new programs, Illumine and SOTA, that we hope will increase our opportunities to edify the church, encourage artists of faith, and share quality art with a larger audience.  We have added to our numbers and continue to seek opportunities to broaden our scope through Limner’s local connections and our programmatic offerings. We anticipate the great things that God will do through the Limner Society in the coming years.

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