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Host a Gathering

Hosting a Limner Gathering can do a great deal for your community in development of the visual arts and its integration into your community life and outreach. We encourage you to read the Case Studies from a few of our past Gatherings in the About section of our website, to see the impact that is possible.  The opportunity to redeem this world using culture as a means to speak into the lives of the lost is at our fingertips. Our culture is in a unique position, desiring a connection to ideas that are true and lasting. Will we as the Church join God’s work to take up our mantle to be influential in our time and join the cultural dialogue? 

 Harrison Gallery, 2002 There is a great deal involved in putting this program together.  A coalition needs to be built between the host and the support mechanisms contributing to the various parts of the Gathering.  Establishing contacts, recruiting volunteers, inviting artists, building the marketing plan, and putting in place all the parts will take time to develop.  We ask that you begin this process at least a year in advance of when you would like to have the event. This also allows us time for a sufficient amount of prayer to seek God's specific vision for the community we are serving.

If you would like to find out more about having your community host a Limner Gathering, feel free to download the Host Information (PDF) or email us at: