Welcome to our LIVE BROADCAST page.


The 2012 NYC Limner Gathering broadcast will be visible on this page only during these three sessions:

Foundation/Identity, Saturday, May 26th, 9AM - 1PM

Landscape, Saturday, May 26th, 7PM-9PM

Logistics, Sunday, May 27th, 7PM - 9PM
*all times are Eastern Standard Time


Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

tLS Broadcast

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To follow along with the content, download the "FILL" pdf file at the bottom of the page.


We hope you will tune in and participate virtually using Twitter.

Just tweet a question or comment with "@LimnerSociety" in the tweet.  [Example: "What is a Limner? @LimnerSociety"]

We will be monitoring our twitter account live.  There may be a delay in our response, just be patient. We reserve the right to field only questions and comments that we deem fit for the discussion.


If you have tuned in and there is no picture, make sure that you have tuned in during the proper time (EST).  If there is a picture, but nothing seems to be happening, keep watching.  We are not promising action, just quality discussion.


We are happy you are interested in the discussion and hope that you will take the time to let us know what you think.  Download the "Survey" pdf at the bottom of the page and email is back to us with your comments.  This will help us develop the material and the presentation.