Sending Derek, 2002 Prayer is important to tLS


Prayer is one of the most important systems of support we could ask for. We understand the importance of prayer and the power that it can have on the accomplishment of our mission. 
If you would like to join us by praying for specific needs, periodically visit this page and download the PDF the bottom of this page.


General Prayer Requests

These requests remain a consistent concern as we seek the fulfillment of our vision and mission:
  • May tLS always seek God's vision and His will for our work.
  • May our members be seeking to build intentional communities on mission.
  • May our Gathering find the right Host community.
  • May our efforts edify the Host community and the Church at large.
  • May our SOTA educate and inspire while being adaptive to God's desire for the local leadership.
  • May our FILL and Illumine encourage visual artists of faith to use their gifts to the glory of God.
  • May we always seek out new opportunities to share our work.
  • May God grant us the resources to accomplish all that He asks us to do.
  • May the Board, Officers, Staff, and Members of tLS be strengthened by their involvement and in their sacrifice.


Specific Prayer Requests

Download the PDF below for a list of specific prayer requests and updates on specific answered prayers concerning tLS.