daniel Baltzer

daniel Baltzer is the Executive Director of tLS. He is a New York City based visual artist currently working on a series of paintings entitled broadcast. They are collage-like oil paintings on panel that deal with the evolution of relationship and networking, using communication technology.  He also creates sculptures as part of a collaboration called baltzerglass, with artist Mikel Glass.

daniel has participated in every Limner Society Gathering since 2002. The Gatherings give daniel a chance to explore and refine a number of different approaches to his art making. The diversity in the material applications and techniques applied are obvious in his Limner work.

Jason Diller

Jason Diller serves on the Board of the Limner Society. As a co-founder and Limner Member, he has participated in many of the Limner workshops throughout the years.  He is currently using his Phd in linguistics to serve the people of Southeast Asia. From an early age, his love to create was encouraged. Following this support, he studied fine art formally at Taylor University and later Ball State University, as a Masters student. In 1993 he took an internship at a print shop in Ghana, West Africa, where his experiences awoke an interest in linguistics. Following his newfound interest, he worked in both Francophone West Africa and Thailand. His watercolors, sketchbook, and camera always travel with him. 

Watercolor is the main medium Jason has used to contribute to the vast catalog of Limner art since 2002. However, over the years he has ventured into printmaking, pen and ink, collage, and the application of beeswax to add diversity to his offerings. The use of strong color and a unique use of line have remained consistent in his work.

Matt Guilford

Matt Guilford serves on the Board of the Limner Society. Before joining the staff of Campus Crusade, Matt worked for 12 years for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a medical illustrator and photographer. Since 1996 Matt has served Crusade in Indianapolis, southern California and New York City. Matt currently serves as the Director for Creative Strategies for the marketplace ministries of Campus Crusade in Orlando, Florida, where he is specifically focusing on how the church and para-church might utilize their creative resources to impact our culture.

Matt chose to assist the Limner Society by joining the Board in 2010 because he feels their goals are an extension of his own—to see a Renaissance with regard to the way the church international acknowledges the arts as a normative expression of praise and worship.

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