We are in the process of raising funds to support people and programs that align with our vision and mission. This support and service will come from Limner personnel and through financial grants handed down by our grants committee. If you would like to support this program, email us at: SeedInitiative@LimnerSociety.com


Seed Initiatives are also the representation of what Limner members are doing in their local communities.  Our membership is spread out over the globe and we hope to see every member doing something locally that tLS can encourage and support through this program.  We hope that one day our membership will be vast and each member will be doing something locally to further our mission.  


Here are some examples of what Limners are doing:


 New Dehli, IndiaGallery Entrance: New Dehli, India


Reflection Gallery and Studios

Reflection Art Gallery and Studios, run by Limner, Stefan Eicher, is a space dedicated to seeing art impact Indian society with beauty and truth. It was birthed in New Delhi, India, after four years of annual “Creative Conscience” workshops. The Creative Conscience workshop is a circle of artists from across India who have in common friendship, a love for art, and a concern for human dignity. They meet annually for a week to explore through their art issues affecting Indian society. The Creative Conscience workshop is directly inspired by the Limner Society Annual Gathering.

 speaking with Reflection visitorsStefan: speaking with Reflection visitors

After eight years of working in community health and development, it was the Limner Annual Gatherings that awakened in Stefan both a desire to recreate in India the intense community and creativity experienced during a Limner Gathering, as well as a larger calling to explore the intersection between art, faith, and social justice. The result is a gallery designed as a space for the public to engage with art on current or social issues or simply to showcase art that affirms the values of truth, beauty, and goodness, and a studio space, which hosts a one-month artist residency, regular painting workshops, art classes, and a weekly “Creative Friday” drop-in.  In addition to creating art on social issues, the gallery takes art to those affected by the issues, holding workshops with destitute young people living in slums, and street kids, among others.


 by Jason DillerExhibition Flyer: by Jason Diller

First Fruits Art Benefit

The First Fruits Art Benefit was an event prdouced by Limner, Jason Diller.
In early 2010, God gave Jason and his wife Kari the idea to have an art exhibition at Muncie Alliance Church in Muncie, Indiana.  More specifically, they were to organize an art benefit for Kaleb and Sa Jordan.  Kaleb was a Guest Artist of tLS during our 2006 Gathering and he recently began a coffee growing project to help a small minority church in Thailand.  Several years ago, Kaleb worked as a coffee roaster at Muncie Alliance church, which now in turn encourages him in his development work. 

Jason and Kari followed God’s leading and the exhibition was an enormous success.  They titled the show “First Fruits” because that very month Kaleb and Sa harvested their first significant coffee crop and were expecting their first child. God arranged every detail of the art benefit including the art preparation, opening reception, and silent auction. 15 artists gave a total of 30 pieces of art and over $1,700 was collected for Kaleb and Sa Jordan. And right on schedule, Kaleb and Sa had a baby boy the day the artwork came down.  
 at Muncie AllianceFirst Fruits Exhibition: at Muncie Alliance

The “First Fruits” art benefit was part of God’s plan for the visual arts in Muncie and a great addition to efforts of the Limner Society to use visual art to glorify God and encourage his people. An art benefit is a fantastic way for artists to use their abilities to further God’s kingdom. At the same time, it was wonderful for those who purchased work to be rewarded for their giving. Some of those who attended the auction remarked that the event itself served as a reminder that God is at work on the other side of the world. The show successfully served Kaleb and Sa by reminding people of their need for prayer and financial partnership.  Several people at Muncie Alliance Church have asked for another exhibition and we will wait to see what our God says.  This show was a clear reminder of what God does when we give our best to Him! 

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